12/13/2012 12:53 EST | Updated 02/12/2013 05:12 EST

Teen Set On Fire In Kelowna: Matthew Sweet-Grant, Joshua McWhirter Charged (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

A drunk teen suffered severe burns at a B.C. house party — and RCMP believe one of his alleged attackers may have set others on fire before.

The 18-year-old male victim had fallen asleep on the kitchen floor in the early morning of Dec. 8 at a party in Kelowna, said RCMP in a news release Thursday. One attacker allegedly poured a liquid on the teen's back and lit him on fire, while a second man filmed the incident.

The teen suffered second and third-degree burns to most of his back.

Matthew Sweet-Grant, 20, and Joshua McWhirter, 18, have been charged with aggravated assault.

More disturbingly, RCMP investigators say they believe this is not the first time one of the accused may have someone on fire who was impaired by drugs or alcohol. They're asking anyone with information to call the Kelowna RCMP.

Photos in one of Sweet-Grant's Facebook albums, called "Stoned Pyro Bro's" [sic] show one of his friends with their clothes on fire. It's unclear who or how they were ignited.

WARNING: Graphic Facebook photos of Matthew Sweet-Grant's friend's clothes on fire:

Kelowna Teens Play With Fire (GRAPHIC)