12/14/2012 08:32 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:52 EDT

Kristen Stewart Wears A Bathing Suit To 'On The Road Premiere' (PHOTOS)

We've come to expect a lot from Kristen Stewart sartorially. She landed on Vogue's 2012 Best Dressed List and impressed revellers at her first post-Robert Pattinson cheating scandal appearance at TIFF.

But this. What. On. Earth. Is. This?

The actress donned this outfit to the New York premiere of her new movie 'On The Road.' Stop us if you disagree, but it sort of looks like a 1940s bathing suit (something Marilyn Monroe would have worn) with a sheer lace overlay that looks a bit like a tablecloth. Unless wearing either suddenly became appropriate to don on a red carpet, this look is a big ol' don't. And don't even get us started on the orange heels.

KStew, what happened!? Did you just stop trying?

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