12/14/2012 01:24 EST | Updated 02/13/2013 05:12 EST

Saskatchewan wants to talk labour shortage at finance ministers meeting

REGINA - Saskatchewan's finance minister wants to talk about the labour force when he meets with his federal, provincial and territorial counterparts.

Ken Krawetz (KRAH'-vetz) says Saskatchewan is concerned about a strategy to get more workers.

Krawetz is hoping to talk about how a new immigration program aimed at getting skilled workers into Canada faster will help a labour shortage in Saskatchewan.

The provincial government says at least 60,000 more workers will be needed by 2020.

The federal program is to start Jan. 2. and will accept a maximum of 3,000 applications in the first year.

The finance ministers meeting Monday is to focus on Canadian and global economic issues, including a labour shortage and improving Canada's retirement income system.