12/15/2012 10:43 EST | Updated 12/21/2012 12:55 EST

Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Time For Canadians To Enjoy And Remember Their Adventures

Abigail Ocreto

December marks a unique time for Canadians travellers. For some, the last few weeks before the new year mean it's now or never to use up those last vacation days. For others, it's a time to relax and reminisce about 2012's adventures. But whether Canadians are remembering the old or seeing the new, there's always the guarantee that photos will be involved.

With that in mind, this week's theme is about memories. Some travellers, like Talia Ricci, got the chance to make new memories by travelling to Peru and check out Machu Picchu. Others, like the bloggers behind Planet D, took this week to remember their trips to Antarctica, Kenya and Spain. Then there's photographer Tracy Zhang, whose time photographing Christmas decorations in Toronto had her ready for a trip back home in time for the holidays.

To see what else bloggers, writers and photographers have been up to this week, check out the gallery below. If this year's any sign of what travel in 2013 looks like, there's have a great deal to be excited for.

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