12/15/2012 05:29 EST | Updated 02/14/2013 05:12 EST

Carollers push for parking policy changes

A group of volunteer carollers is trying to get parking policies changed after the members were ticketed while they performed at a residential care facility in Maple Ridge, B.C., last weekend.

“All of us were very angry. That's to put it mildly,” said Russ Curnew, who plays rhythm guitar in a volunteer band call the Rx Rockers.

On Sunday, they went to sing to seniors at Baillie House care facility but found tickets when they got back to their cars.

“Five of the six of us had tickets,” Curnew said. “We had our passes that were on the dash and they still ticketed us.”

The carollers complained to the city and the fines have been rescinded, but the group says they're not the only ones who've had inappropriate tickets in the lot.

They're now pushing for parking to be free at all Fraser Health Authority facilities.

But the health region's Roy Thorpe Dorward says there's a cost for a reason.

“The money we collect from parking services covers the cost of paving, lighting, security, snow maintenance, those sorts of things,” he said. “If we didn't charge for parking, that money would have to come out of the money allocated to health services.”

The RX Rockers say they plan to take their fight to city hall.