12/18/2012 08:06 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:50 EDT

Best Fashion Books Of 2012

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If one of your new year's resolutions is to learn a little more about fashion, we've got an easy solution for you: read!

Throughout 2012, some of the world's top editors and photographers pulled together memoirs and compiled masterpieces full of juicy tips and tricks that will help you improve your sartorial style.

What are the top books you should reach for first? Here are 15 of our favourites.

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Diana Vreeland Empress Of Fashion By Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

Easily our favourite fashion editor of all time, this biography documents Vreeland's meteoric rise from sad childhood to fearless fashion lady.

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Closer By Scott Schuman

This is the ultimate book for anyone looking for street style inspiration. It's a must-have for any burgeoning fashionista.

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Lessons From Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living In Paris By Jennifer L. Scott

We dream of living in Paris and of emulating the perfect style of the ladies who grace the city's streets. This book has helped us bring a little French style to North America's shores.

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I Want To Be Her! By Andrea Linett

This handy book was written by one of our favourite magazine editors. It breaks down her style evolution over the decades and gives good tips on how strangers (and even friends and family) can help you shape your style.

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The Style Mentors By Elyssa Dimant

Looking for a style role model? This fashionable books lists over 80 of the most stunning and sartorially smart ladies who have ever existed.

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Grace: A Memoir By Grace Coddington

She loves cats, stole the show in 'The September Issue' and is one of the most fascinating fashionistas out there. What's not to love about Grace Coddington?

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What On Earth Are You Wearing: An Encyclopedia Of Fashion By Chloe Quigley And Daniel Pollock

Wondering how to define or describe some of those less-than-common fashion statements you see in other countries or on the runways? This guide can help. (It's, at time, hilarious and the illustrations are fun to look at too.)

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Rookie: Yearbook One By Tavi Gevinson

The perfect book for the young woman looking to define and figure out her style, from one of the most famous and successful bloggers out there: Tavi Gevinson.

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Kate Moss By Kate Moss

The book of all supermodel books, this one documents the rise of Kate Moss to become, arguably, fashions most famous face.

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W: The First 40 Years By Stefano Tonchi And Christopher Bagley

W is easily one of the best photographed magazines out there, and this book is full of some of the most iconic images that have ever graced the monthly's pages.

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Chanel Little Black Jacket By Karl Lagerfeld And Carine Roitfeld

Think the "little black dress" is the only staple you need in your wardrobe? Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld aruge a jacket is more important.

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Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion By Bernhard Roetzel

Guys need a little fashion advice too.

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The Editor’s Eye By Conde Nast

'The September Issue' may have given us slight insight into Anna Wintour's world, but this book takes readers behind the legendary work of eight of Vogue's top editors. It's a phenomenal read with fascinating interviews.

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Alexander McQueen: The Life And The Legacy By Judith Watt

Take a look inside the world of Kate Middleton's favourite designer, Alexander McQueen.

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Mario Testino: In Your Face By Mario Testino

Bring some of Mario Testino's most stunning images home with you in this delectable table book.

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