12/18/2012 02:54 EST

Nail Health: Improve The Condition Of Your Tips With Advice From Tips Nail Bar


The holiday season is kicking into high gear, and that means it’s time to think about your festive wardrobe. All of the cocktail parties and family gatherings demand you look your best, right down to the tips of your fingers (a sparkly manicure is one of this season's best accessories).

But what should you do after the parties are over, the glitter is gone and your nails are left weak and rough from over-painting? Leanne Colley, the owner of Tips Nail Bar in Toronto, has some advice that'll help your nails recover from a holiday hangover.

-- Paint On A Base. The most important thing is a base coat, so always apply a base coat or opt for enamels that have a base coat or top coat incorporated into the formula.

-- Moisturize. Applying a cuticle oil on a daily basis will combat the dryness that you’ll have afterwards if you leave your polish on for too long.

-- Reach For Acetone. The removal process for glitter is always a little bit difficult as it kind of sticks to the nail and you feel like it’s not going anywhere. So it’s always great to use acetone. Wrap your nail with some paper towel or cotton that is dipped in acetone and wrap tinfoil around it for a few minutes. It actually loosens the glitter so it comes right off.

-- Watch For Yellowing. If you're concerned about yellowing or anything like that on the nails, a really great option would be to use the Revlon Crazy SHINE Nail Buffer. It has a really, really fine grit on one side, so it actually removes the yellow off the nail.

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