12/18/2012 08:08 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:50 EDT

2012's Top 20 Most Fashionable Items On Polyvore


It's been a big year for fashion — especially in terms of trends. We've seen everything from ombre to oxblood on the streets and on runways.

Surprisingly, though, the experts over at Polyvore, the crowd-sourcing shopping site, have found what we actually wore had less to do with what we saw in fashion magazines and more to do with comfort.

From cozy oversized sweaters to unique stilettos, the most popular items on their site were completely different from the trends we saw throughout the year.

Check out the top 20 most fashionable items of 2012. Are you surprised by what products made the list?

2012's Top 20 Most Fashionable Items