12/18/2012 05:29 EST | Updated 02/26/2013 11:25 EST

90s Nostalgia: Generation Y's Childhood TV Shows, Toys, Trends And More

For millennials, the 1990's were a simpler time — formidable years of YTV, boy bands and Beanie Baby collections.

Life is much different today for Generation Y, that 5-million strong cohort of Canadians aged 18-30. The recession has taken a toll. Good jobs are scarce. Home ownership is just a dream.

For struggling millennials, remembering the '90s is escapism at its best, which perhaps explains the large number of fansites dedicated to the neon-bedazzled magic of the era. Wouldn't you rather remember the joys of childhood than your mountain of student debt?

Feelings of nostalgia can also quite literally make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Studies have suggested that reminiscing about fond memories can make us feel physically warmer and more giving toward others.

So let us warm you up with 90 awesome things from the 1990's. Did we miss anything? Share your '90s memories in the comments.

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