12/28/2012 12:22 EST | Updated 12/28/2012 12:22 EST

Alberta In 2012 (PHOTOS)


The HUB Mall massacre and the Alberta election in the spring exacted intense emotions in an Alberta year that also saw other hotly-contested political contests and a hotly contested NHL lockout.

Fear and anger consumed Albertans in the wake of the University of Alberta shooting that took the life of three GS4 armoured car guards and that left a fourth seriously injured.

Depending on their party of choice, fear and anger also consumed Albertans going into the province’s general election in the spring. Although the contest promised to be a game changer, in the end the PCs received their 11th consecutive majority mandate from Alberta voters.

The run up to the election was but the appetizer in the veritable buffet that was politics in 2012. Politicos and regular Albertans alike mourned the passing of iconic former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed, watched in wonder as the Calgary Centre byelection promised a historical upset, and ended the year pondering how the provincial Tories found themselves in so many scandals after one short legislature sitting.

Below we recap those highlights and much more in The Huffington Post Alberta’s Year In Photos 2012.

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