12/19/2012 05:51 EST | Updated 12/21/2012 04:33 EST

Last Minute Gift Ideas: What You Can Buy Right Up Until Christmas


What makes for the perfect last-minute gift? The phrase may be, by definition, a contradiction, but that doesn't mean your loved ones have to end up disappointed on December 25 just because you've been too slammed to hit the stores.

And as it turns out, you might just encounter plenty of others in the same boat. As Scotiabank revealed in a survey this week, 42 per cent of Canadian planned to do all their holiday shopping in December — and one per cent were even looking down to the wire at the last day or two before Christmas.

So this one's for you, one per cent (how often do we get to say that?). We've rounded up some great offerings for last-minute gifts that are just as good as anything you might have planned on for months, because with the wealth of options in stores, there's no need for your recipients to have the slightest clue.

Yes, you're going to have to brave some shops — but we've made sure they're all open on Christmas Eve (until at least 4:30). And yes, the pickings may be slightly slimmer, but look at it this way — at least we found the spots that will do the gift wrapping for you. Read on to find the last-minute presents that look anything but generic.

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