12/19/2012 08:49 EST | Updated 02/18/2013 05:12 EST

Premier Christy Clark Looks Ahead To 2013 Election


B.C. Premier Christy Clark says 2012 has been a challenging year but she's confident of the road ahead, including her party's chances in the coming provincial election.

Clark said despite trailing the opposition by more than a dozen points in the polls for most of the year and a number of high-profile resignations in her cabinet, she feels good about what she has accomplished in 2012.

"It's been busy. It's been challenging. Probably in many ways it's been the best year of my life," Clark told CBC News Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko during a year-end interview.

The premier said a big part of that confidence has come from focusing on her own agenda with her jobs plan, as opposed to continuing what was started by her predecessor.

"We've really been living that plan and so that has been something of my making, of my government's making."

As for 2013 and the upcoming May provincial election, Clark isn't making any bold predictions but says she is optimistic about her party's chances.

"I'm confident when people sit down and really ask themselves the question about where they want their economy to go, that they'll look at the plan that we've delivered and say, 'You know what? It wasn't perfect, but they got the big things right.'"

Clark was elected as the leader of the B.C. Liberal Party in February 2011. The upcoming May 14 provincial election will be her first as the party's leader.

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