12/19/2012 11:15 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 02:20 EST

'Real Housewives Of Vancouver' Dish On Season 2 Drama, Humour And Three New 'Wives'

Brace yourselves: Season 2 of "The Real Housewives of Vancouver" promises even more fighting and backstabbing than last year's drama-fest. Glamourous Reiko and fun-loving Christina are gone, and three new housewives are set to mix things up for remaining ladies Ronnie, Jody and Mary.

A sneak preview of Season 2 hinted at some surprising developments. Besties Ronnie and Mary appear to be on the outs, while villain Jody seems to have mended fences with Ronnie following last year's emotional season finale blowout.

We caught up with Ronnie, Jody and Mary on their recent trip to Toronto to get as much dirt on "RHOV" Season 2 as they were willing to spill. To say the tension was palpable would be an understatement. There's certainly no love lost between these three, which should make for a verrrry interesting second season.

What can we expect from this season?

[All three in unison] Drama!

What do your husbands think of the show?

Jody: Oh, they're fascinated by it. Ronnie and I are blessed to have husbands. [Looks pointedly at Mary]

Ronnie, how's Rehab [her wine label] doing?

Ronnie: Rehab, actually, is no longer. Monster Energy Drinks had trademarked the name Rehab before us. So unfortunately, they've taken the name off of my hands. So congratulations to Monster Energy Drinks! [Laughs] But I may come up with something else in the future.

Can we expect any big shopping trips this season? I know everyone loves the fashion on the show.

Ronnie: We're always shopping. The housewives seem to be shopping all the time.

Jody, I love your outfit [a Jovani Tulle Beaded Cocktail dress with a black leather jacket]. Is that from your store?

Jody: It is. We're opening a Glass House in Toronto as well. And Jody's Fine Foods opens this Saturday. I have a big 5,000 square foot building that I own in West Vancouver. We're really excited. We're also doing a line of products.

What type of products?

Jody: Dairy, food, bread. It's wonderful with the show because you get to platform and execute all of these different businesses. And then we have charities. I'm really blessed to be on the show.

Was that part of your motivation for returning for Season 2?

Jody: I retired 10 years ago, and when this opportunity came my way it was a privilege, and I knew I could develop all sorts of businesses and become more successful with them. But I also knew that I could give back. And I always say to people that it's not a crime to be poor, but it's not a crime to be rich. And I think that people need to look after people.

Ronnie, what motivated you to come back for Season 2?

Ronnie: Well, I don't think that in a single season you can see all facets of a person. So I was hoping that this season they would show a different facet of me, and possibly more of my 'mother' side. Remy is on the show more this year. I was hoping that some other sides of me could be shown. It was a life adventure. It has its ups and downs, but it's fun.

Are you still the peacemaker of the group?

Ronnie: Yes.

Mary, why did you decide to return?

Mary: I had started a lot of things. There was an opportunity to get my music out, and recently I've been doing more philanthropic work. I'm doing some anti-bullying work alongside Amanda Todd's mother, and I'm on the board for Tuberous Sclerosis Canada.

How have the new ladies changed the dynamic of the group?

Mary: It's different personalities. It definitely has changed. Plus we have an extra sixth person now.

Jody: The girls this year were wonderful. Very individual. And I think that they will shine through.

How did you react to the idea of having new people thrown into the mix?

Ronnie: I liked it.

Jody: I loved it.

What do you think people would be surprised to hear?

Jody: I think people's true colours show this season. Really. I think it's going to be funny. A lot of humour.

I know last season you were portrayed as the villain. How do you feel about that?

Jody: I enjoyed watching it. I think it's a fantastic show. For me, I know who I am, and how I make my money. If I was a villain, I wouldn't be a multimillionaire in retail. I'm OK with it. I'm outspoken and I have a huge sense of values and morals. It didn't bother me at all. My demographic loves me. I was having dinner last night and people wouldn't leave me alone! My table was bombarded! So I thought people love me, I'll stay the villain! [Laughs]

What types of things do people say to you?

Jody: We love you. We love your clothes. You're so eccentric. I was pretty overwhelmed last night. Even my little son who's 17 and goes to Ryerson was like 'Wow, Mom!' And it's really cut down on my expenses, I don't have to pay for food or drinks! [Laughs]

Ronnie, what types of things do people say to you?

Ronnie: I haven't received anything in public that's been negative, even once. It's all been very welcoming and very supportive. It's interesting. You walk into a mall and a group of 14-year-old girls start yelling 'Ronnie!' It's different because last year nobody knew who I was. It's been very welcoming.

Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver premieres on Slice on Tuesday, February 5th at 10 p.m. EST/ PST.