12/20/2012 02:28 EST

Christmas Gibbons: Adorable Xmas Song Written By Paralyzed Boy

Get ready for some holiday monkey business — because you will be seriously jingle-bell-rocking along to the adorable "Christmas Gibbons."

We're not sure if it's the sweet animation or the story behind the holiday ditty that gave us a lump in our throats about thirty seconds in — but darn it, they're the most moving dancing monkeys we've ever seen! According to the Daily Mail, the song was penned by a 12 year old named Adam Bojelian, who is paralyzed due to cerebral palsy. He dictated this witty poem to his mother — all through blinking for her when she pointed to the next word he wanted for his Yuletide masterpiece.

It was then set to music and performed by a family friend. The painfully cute song about Santa's real helpers ("you thought reindeer did this job / but now you know / it's the gibbons") is available as a charity single on iTunes.

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