12/20/2012 11:01 EST

Pat Martin Twitter Rant On Vic Toews And Tories Sees MP Drop 'Rat Faced Whores' Bomb


Pat Martin added another epic Twitter rant to his scrapbook Wednesday night, this time targeting Vic Toews and the Tories over an infrastructure project in his home town of Winnipeg.

The tirade from the colourful NDP MP included the suggestion that certain members of the Conservative Party are "rat faced whores," as well as attacks on Public Safety Minister Toews' personal life.

UPDATE: Martin apologized for his Twitter outburst Thursday and deleted his account.

"I apologize for my regrettable and inappropriate language yesterday. It seems some people shouldn’t tweet so with this, I sign off," Martin wrote.

The NDP and Toews also issued statements condemning Martin's comments.

You can see how it went down in the slideshow below.


Pat Martin's Last Twitter Rant

Martin's anger concerns the Youth for Christ centre in Winnipeg, a project which received $3 million in federal funding.

In 2010, Martin described public investment in the centre for at-risk youth as "taxpayer-funded proselytization," according to the Winnipeg Free Press

Toews responded by suggesting Martin had no problem letting gangs recruit in his riding, but that "when it comes to Youth For Christ offering programs, he suddenly has a problem with it."

Both Martin and Toews are serving as MPs for ridings in Manitoba.

After Winnipeg City Council approved the project Martin changed his tune and threw his support behind the centre.

That tone seems to have changed.

Much of Martin's vitriol on Friday regarded not being invited to a funding announcement in his Winnipeg Centre riding.

Martin got some sympathy from fellow Liberal MP Wayne Easter, who tweeted that "It's not unusual 4 Harper regime to not invite elected reps of Ridings Pat. Same thing here. He must not understand democracy."

Conservative MPs, and the Stephen Harper's director of communications Andrew MacDougall, also got in on the exchange.

Tory MPs Candice Bergen, Brian Jean and Mike Lake all expressed bemusement at Martin while MacDougall tweeted "Shorter @PatMartinMP: can't stand group gov't funds to help WPG youth; why didn't u invite me to event with group I can't stand?"

Martin also aimed some personal jabs at Toews during the rant, bringing back memories of the Vikileaks scandal, which saw a Liberal staffer publish court documents from the minister's divorce on Twitter.

Martin is famous for his twitter tirades, but has been keeping a low profile lately after being hit with a $5 million defamation lawsuit from the automated call firm RackNine. Martin apologized for the comments he made regarding Racknine and the robocalls scandal, but the company is still going ahead with the suit.

Martin has even turned to the internet to help pay his legal bills.

Whether Martin's latest outburst will trigger similar legal action is now in the hands of Toews and the Tories.