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Celebrity Style: Marina And The Diamonds Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Favourites


Brit-pop phenomenon Marina and the Diamonds (read: 320,000+ Twitter followers and two albums) was in Toronto recently for her first show as part of the North American Electra Heart tour. She sat down with to chat about her beauty and fashion essentials. We give you the scoop on her must-have brands, what the trendsetter dressed like in her teen years, her dream collaborations (read: Eminem) and what makeup she needs to apply before she leaves the house--or she won't.

Fun fact: she does all of her makeup herself.

1. What/Who Are You Wearing Now?

"A yellow, Christian Lacroix jacket I bought off Ebay, I found out about him when I was about 12 years-old off this series called Absolutely Fabulous in the U.K. (Edina Monsoon's favourite designer). Then a I was obsessed. I'm also wearing this pink and gold bracelet that I got from The Bay, a Topshop blouse and the heels are from Office, in the U.K."

2. My Favourite Beauty Icon Is_____________.

"Sofia Loren: She exudes, a very classic... beauty. "She's very feminine, which I really like. And she, she was an hour-glass which I am too."

3. Finish This Sentence: "I won't leave the house until I've put on___________."

"My eyebrows, because even if I have no makeup on, I need [to fill in] my eyebrows. I don't think I'm that vain of a person, like I really don't mind, being seen looking like sh-t. But, my eyebrows are like my face, so, they are like my identity in two strips [on my face]."

4. My No-Fail Outfit: ____________.

"I have this big T-shirt that says Sassyland on the front which I really like and--it's so boring but --I love leggings, I really, I do use leggings quite a lot."

5. My Best Makeup Tip Or Trick Is______________.

"Use a lipliner and then just put a little bit of lipstick on. I use a lipliner by Givenchy... I outline slightly above my lip line, to make my lips look bigger. Then, I just put a little bit of [lipstick] in the centre to moisturize it, so that helps it not to bleed, and it stays on for a lot longer then if you just put lipstick on."

6. My Look As A Teenager Was _________________.

"It was more shambolic... I loved vintage and charity shop things and still customized them. Obviously when you're a teen you have no money, so you make like three outfits out of one dress. You're like, 'OK cut the arms here. Alright: New party, cut them to here.' I've always used colour the same way I do now, so I really like mixing something that's really classic and quite high quality, with something more gaudy and kitsch... that defines my look actually!"

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