12/24/2012 20:33 EST | Updated 02/23/2013 05:12 EST

Disabled parents celebrate baby's 1st Christmas

A young disabled couple from Mississauga who won a fight with child welfare authorities last spring for the right to continue taking care of their newborn son are preparing for their first Christmas together as a family.

Charles Wilton and Maricyl Palisoc both have cerebral palsy, a disorder that limits their motor skills and slurs their speech, but has no effect on their cognitive abilities.

Wilton said their baby, William, finally got the opportunity to meet Santa Claus recently.

"It was the most adorable moment of my life, being a dad," Wilton said of the experience.

The couple said their only complaint so far has been a lack of sleep.

The Children's Aid Society, once seen as the couple's adversary, has since come out to support the young family, saying it's been "tremendous" to watch the family grow together.

As for Ryan Machete, the support worker who in April drained his line of credit to pay for round-the-clock support so William could stay with his parents? He's now William's godfather.

The couple's story was hailed as an inspiration for other disabled families.

"I don't see myself as an inspiration," Palisoc said. "I just see myself as a mom who wants the best for her child."