12/28/2012 10:21 EST | Updated 02/27/2013 05:12 EST

Speeding cars putting northern B.C. pedestrians at risk

Residents of communities along busy highways in northern B.C. say speeding traffic is putting pedestrians at risk.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is writing a letter to the Ministry of Transportation about its concerns.

"There seems to be a general disregard for the posted speed limits and pedestrians in these highway communities,” says regional district director Art Kaehn, who lives in Hixon, a small town south of Prince George along Highway 97.

He says close calls between speeding vehicles and pedestrians are too common.

"I witnessed six children crossing the highway,” he told CBC News.

“This lady stopped her car, and unfortunately the truck behind the car couldn't stop, started to pass the car, was able to stop in time. So there's been a lot of close calls like that in the community."

Kaehn would like to see flashing lights put in at pedestrian highway crossings, and says there needs to be some way of getting drivers to slow down.

He adds pedestrians need to be vigilant and shouldn't assume vehicles will stop.