12/28/2012 04:18 EST | Updated 02/27/2013 05:12 EST

The Ultimate HuffQuiz: 2012 Edition

If you've never heard of HuffQuiz, it could be that you're living under a Twitter-less rock (or just have better things to do on a Friday night). But either way, you've been missing out.

Every Friday at 8 p.m., loyal HuffQuizzers gather on Twitter for our weekly Canadian news quiz. The prize? Glory! Plus your charming face gracing our front page from the HuffQuiz hall of fame.

How well did you pay attention to the news this year? Find out with our Ultimate HuffQuiz, 2012 edition. We've selected questions from the last 12 months of Friday night twitter HuffQuizzes to test your knowledge. These aren't just the big headlines — tickle your brain with questions from all corners of HuffPost Canada's coverage.