12/30/2012 04:01 EST | Updated 11/11/2013 11:28 EST

Top Baby Names In BC 2011

Liam and Emma topped the list of the most popular baby names in B.C. in 2011.

According to the Vital Statistics Agency, Ethan, Mason, Lucas and Benjamin were the next most popular names for boys. Other top girls’ names were Olivia, Sophia, Ava and Chloe.

In 2011, there were a total of 43,991 births in B.C., up from 43,670 in 2010.

"I am proud to call British Columbia home and so are more and more people," said Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid.

“The number of births in British Columbia is growing and British Columbians also enjoy the longest life expectancy in Canada, with life expectancy of 82 years old."

The 140th edition of the B.C. Vital Statistics Agency Annual Report contains information collected from registrations of births, deaths and marriages that happened in 2011.

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