12/31/2012 12:30 EST | Updated 12/31/2012 12:46 EST

Best Canadian Commercials Of 2012

Whistler Film Festival

This was the year when zombies rescued heart attack victims, a kids' hospital launched an anti-pain police force, and bullets turned to bubbles in an African civil war.

Or at least those are the themes behind some of Canada's best commercials of 2012. It was a year in which non-profits raised awareness with inspiring ads and major corporations jumped in front of the cameras to battle bad publicity and explain their case to the public.

Witness, for example, McDonald's Canada's groundbreaking series of infomercials answering serious questions from the public about their food. Then there is Astral Media's mockumentary touting its involvement in support of Canadian film and TV. And the Canadian Paralympic Committee outdid itself with an inspiring ad showing a disabled athlete running past emergency vehicles and wheelchairs and breaking out into a run in a stadium. Awesome, inspiring stuff.

So here are what we say are 12 of the best Canadian ads of 2012. Vote for your favourites in the slideshow below.

Best Canadian Ads Of 2012