03/04/2013 02:10 EST | Updated 03/26/2013 06:06 EDT

Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Clear Skies Mark A Nice Start To March Travel

Lisa Evans

Goodbye February and hello March!

After a month dotted with blustering snowfall across Canada, it's safe to say Canadians have heard winter's message loud and clear. We get it. You've proved your point winter: snow falls from the sky. Now move on and make way for spring already. Speaking of the sky, it looks like this week's collection of photos has captured a wide variety of blue hues that painted the sky around the world.

It's a nice change for those still feeling blue about the snow on the ground instead of seeing blue in the skies of Georgia, USA or the tinted-grey views in Zambia. That, and it's always good to start off a month with a fresh perspective, plenty of visibility and a natural ceiling that stretches as far as the lens can see.

So whether you're out of the country or still at home, travelling by air and looking down or on a bus and looking out, this week's round-up of travel photo ought to give you hope that March travel is off to a clearer start than its February counterpart.

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