01/02/2013 07:22 EST | Updated 03/04/2013 05:12 EST

Christy Clark's New Year's Resolutions (VIDEO)

The B.C. premier's New Year's resolutions have nothing to do with the provincial election in less than six months, and everything to do with making us cookies!

Well, us = the media. In a Youtube video posted on Dec. 31, Christy Clark promises to give the media a "big hug and bake them all some cookies." Aw, isn't that nice?

Steering clear of any political pledges, Clark offers a light-hearted best wishes to British Columbians for 2013 in the short clip.

She notes that some people believe the new year is a chance to focus on the noble ideal of self improvement, while others view the period as "just simply fun." In that spirit, the premier shares some of her 2013 resolutions.

"Number one, I will stop demanding that Hamish get a shout out in every single one of his games," says Clark of her hockey-playing son.

She adds: "I will accept Richard Branson's kind invitation to come waterskiiing.... OK that was just a joke."

In May, the British billionaire invited the premier to go kitesurfing on his back in the buff.

Er, just pass the cookies, thanks.

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