Low-Fat Foods: 6 Options Low In Fat That Don't Sacrifice Flavour

It’s a tough world for the fat-lover these days. While certain fats are good fats that we should make room in our diets for, most of the time, fat is the enemy. Too much of the wrong kind clogs your arteries. Contributes to heart disease. Encourages unhealthy weight gain. So what’s the solution? Low-fat foods? Blech. They taste terrible and artificial. And all of those added chemicals — why even bother?

All is not lost: there are actually low-fat options that taste delicious, and are good for you — naturally. We’ve got some choices for you that will whet your low-fat appetite, and give your poor arteries a bit of a break.

6 Low-Fat Foods That Don't Sacrifice Flavour

0% fat Greek yogurt: You may know that Greek yogurt is all the rage lately, and with good reason — this richer, denser version is packed with protein and comes in a zero-fat option that doesn’t sacrifice taste or creaminess. Opt for plain and add some fresh fruit, a sprinkle of granola and a dash of honey for a little sweetness.

Butter/Canola oil blend: You don’t have to sacrifice real butter taste because its high saturated fat content — there are now butter/canola oil blends that not only spread more easily, but they cut down on cholesterol and boost the amount of good fats from the canola oil. You won’t believe it’s not margarine — but because it’s not, make sure to still use it with restraint.

Sorbet/sherbet or low-fat frozen yogurt: Make no mistake, if you consume too much sugar, your body will store it as fat. But if you’re looking for the occasional treat that is delicious and good to your arteries, milk-or-cream free sorbet is the icy delight for you. Packed full of flavour, some are made with real fruit for a little bit of added goodness.

Canadian bacon: Another caveat — Canadian bacon or peameal bacon is still bacon, which is still red meat, and still carries sodium, nitrates and fat. But if you simply cannot resist a bit of bacon here and there, Canadian bacon is the way to go. It’s leaner by a long shot, and still smells delicious when you fry it up on the stove. Or try grilling it for an even healthier renditions.

Whipped dressing/low-fat mayonnaise: Traditional mayonnaise is killer when it comes to saturated fat — eggs and oil together? Yikes. But lower-fat mayonnaise is an excellent option — it can cut the fat content by half, but still retain a rich mayonnaise flavour. Try a half-fat version made with olive oil for extra richness.

Low-fat cheese: The one thing you would think needs full fat is cheese, but it’s not really the case. Lower-fat options retain much of the flavour with much less fat. Opt for a low-fat or skim-milk version of your favourite, and reduce your portion size — or try shredding your cheese on your favourite dish for cheesy goodness without the extra fat.