Resolutions To Keep: 4 New Year's Resolutions That Will Stick In 2013

Do you make a resolution every year but fail to commit to it? A big factor in getting you onto the resolution road to success is to make a course of action for your resolutions. To help you out, we've compiled some of the most popular New Year's resolutions along with ideas for your tactical plan.

4 New Year's Resolutions That Will Stick

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The only thing you read lately is your email and you want to get back into the habit of reading more books. Decide what number of books you can realistically aim to read — one a month perhaps, and make that your resolution. Check out the bestseller's lists online or pop into your favourite bookstore or library to see what catches your eye and pick up a couple of books while you’re there (or jot down some of the book titles so you have an ongoing list of titles to choose from). Ask your bookworm friends for their book recommendations, or better yet, join or organize a book club so you have a regular meeting to attend, making it more likely you'll make sure to fit reading time into your schedule. If you plan to read during your commute, invest in an e-reader to make it easier for you to enjoy a chapter or two while in transit.

Get Into Shape

Figure out what your particular goal is, whether it's to lose a certain number of pounds or to fit into a certain size, for example. Then create a feasible fitness and diet regimen. For your exercise plan, research workouts that have piqued your interest: check out the CrossFit gym in your neighbourhood, talk to friends who can't get enough of hot yoga and pop into your local dance studio to pick up some information. Make sure to consider what fits with your budget and schedule. Find out if any of your friends are also aiming to get into shape in the new year and ask them to partner up — a buddy system for working out can be a fantastic motivator. As for your diet, look into what weight-loss program appeals to you most and get referrals for a nutritionist. If you know you need to get more veggies into your diet, register for a weekly organic veggie delivery so you always have a fridge full of fresh produce. Also, pick up a healthy cookbook or two (or discover a food blog with recipes that entice you) so you always have tasty new dishes to try out in the kitchen.

Pay Off Debt

Your debt is a huge weight on your shoulders and it's stressing you out and you want to make this year the one you dig yourself out of the hole. Set aside some time for number crunching and figure out how much you can pay off each month in the new year. Take a careful look at how you're spending your monthly net income and see where you can cut back, and look into how you can earn more money that can go straight into getting you out of the red. Pull out your credit card statements and call each company to negotiate a better interest rate, then transfer balances to your lowest interest rate cards (or apply for a line of credit with a lower interest rate and pay off your credit cards with that). Use a notebook or app (such as iReconcile) to help you keep track of where your money is going on a regular basis.

Spend More Time With Your Family

Check what reasonable amount of time you can each carve out of your calendar for fun family time each week or month. Then make a regular date you can all commit to so that it's less likely you will cancel or back out and put it into your calendar. Research online for activities to participate in — a night out ice skating, exhibitions at art galleries, concerts coming to your city or some new board games or DVDs to enjoy a home together. Take turns at who plans the day's activity so that the responsibility is shared (plus the element of surprise can make family time more fun!).