02/18/2013 07:46 EST | Updated 07/29/2014 04:59 EDT

Fun Winter Activities In Canada

When you live in Canada, you have to accept that much of our time is spent living with cold temperatures and lots of snow and ice. Rather than go straight into hibernation mode until Victoria Day, why not make the most of winter and plan on outdoor excursions that take advantage and celebrate the frigid season? Rather than feeling blue and anxiously awaiting spring, you’ll by dying to tell everyone what you’ve done this winter. Yes, you can go ice skating on the Rideau Canal or break out the cross-country skis in your local park, or you can head further afield to one of these cold-weather outings.

6 Fun Winter Activities

For The Adrenaline Junkie

Many of us have zip-lined in the likes of Costa Rica — but how about zip-lining in Whistler over snow-capped trees and in subzero temperatures in our home and native land? Gliding over the stunning wintry forest and creeks will give you a new appreciation for the season.

For The Animal Lover

People from other countries often believe we all live in igloos and polar bears are our neighbours — if only the stunning creatures were as commonplace as that. Make a trek to Churchill, Manitoba, though, and take a polar-bear tour so you can get a look at these large, snow-white bears in their natural habitat. Observe them sparring, playing and taking care of their adorable cubs in the tundra — it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

For The Endurance Athlete

Why wait til spring for your next race? Go solo or team up with up to four other teammates and tackle the Frostbite 45, a 45-kilometre run, snowshoe and/or classic ski race on an ungroomed trail in Yellowknife March 16, 2013. Completing this race gives you big-time bragging rights.

For the Dog Lover

Experience winter in a breathtaking way by taking in the view from a new spot — from the seat of a sled being powered by a team of Siberian Huskies. Offered just north of Toronto by Winterdance in the town of Haliburton, Ontario, the dog sled tours, which you can do in the day, by moonlight or over a multi-day trip, will allow you to try firsthand a piece of Canadiana.

For The Hunter-Gatherer At Heart

Did learning about ice fishing in primary school fascinate you as a child? Fulfill your inner hunter-gatherer by taking an ice-fishing tour in Alberta that simplifies the outing for you — they drill the holes, provide the equipment (including heated ice tents — phew!) and keep you well fueled with meals and snacks. All you have to do is practice and perfect your ice-fishing skills.

For The Sweet Tooth

What Canadian winter would be complete without a good helping of maple syrup? Go straight to the source to enjoy this amber liquid gold at one of Quebec’s many cabanes à sucre. On your sugaring-off trip, you can learn how the sap is drawn and collected from the trees and enjoy a traditional sugar-shack meal. Be sure to save room to enjoy warm maple taffy poured over fresh snow!

This article was originally published with Churchill referenced as being in the province of Alberta. It has been corrected to reflect that Churchill is, of course, in Manitoba.