01/04/2013 06:02 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

'I Trust You' Video: The Hilarious Results Of Attempting Trust Falls With Strangers

Trust falls: those things you do at company retreats or in high school drama class that often make you trust your peers even less.

But what happens when you trust total strangers to catch you? Looks like a literal pain in ass, judging by YouTube user RossCreation's latest upload.

In the video, our protagonist walks up to clueless would-be catchers, says "I trust you" and goes for it. The results are predictably hilarious.

Sure, surprise trust falls aren't a new thing. Last July, Blake Grigsby's video scored over a million views. But he gave a little more warning and went full goofball in his attempts to be caught. RossCreation's video, meanwhile, is pure awkward, cringe-worthy comedy gold.

If confusing strangers makes you chuckle, visit the RossCreation team's YouTube page for gems like "Handstands Over People."

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