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'Lost Girl' Anna Silk On Season 3's 'Bad' Bo And Guest Star Linda Hamilton

Get ready to see "Lost Girl" Bo as you've never seen her before. As the end of season 2 hinted at, the sexy succubus (Anna Silk) is going to be channeling much more of her dark side throughout the new season. That means everything will be shaken up, including her core relationships with Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson.

The show has attracted a legion of loyal followers since it debuted in 2010, and it's easy to see why. It really does have something for everyone: a little fantasy, a lot of action and plenty of raw, true-to-life relationships. In fact, Bo's complex love affair with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) has earned accolades for its realistic depiction of a same-sex relationship.

HuffPost TV Canada caught up with Silk to find out everything we could about season 3. While Silk was understandably tight-lipped (nobody likes spoilers, after all), we did manage to get her to spill about what it's like playing 'bad' Bo, touching moments she's had with fans and the show's most perfect guest star ever, Linda Hamilton.

At the end of season 2, Bo was leaning towards some darkness...

Yes, she was!

So how does season 3 start?

Well, at the end of season 2 we see Bo looking in the mirror, her eyes glowing blue in a way we haven't seen. And she likes it! That teases towards what could happen in season 3. For Bo, season 3 is really about self-discovery, and the realization that being Fae is much more than just being aligned with light or dark. It's more than just having powers, it's more than just being a succubus. There's a deeper meaning. She's always been a key player in this fae work. This season, she definitely has her biggest challenge to date. Physically, mentally and emotionally. She really has to look inwards to find the answers.

Is it fun playing the darker Bo?

Yes. I love it!

What are the biggest issues she's facing in season 3?

Oh my gosh. How do I tell you things without telling you things? Well. Bo's relationships are always challenged. I think in season 3, they're challenged by the sheer nature that she's a succubus. So she's dealing with that. And, like I said, she also has the absolute biggest challenge of her life.

How does that affect all of her relationships?

Oh, it really affects it. In a big way. When I said that Bo really has to come to terms with who she is, so does everyone else around her. They have to come to terms with who she is, too. And that's challenging. It challenges all of her relationships -- her friendships, her lovers, her family, her grandfather and her best friend Kenzi. They definitely get shaken up.

So what's going on with Dyson [Kris Holden-Ried] this season?

Dyson's definitely more present in Bo's life. From the very moment Bo met Dyson, there was this element of deep trust she had, but also this really strong element of danger that he has. Kris as Dyson is pretty dangerous. Kris is pretty goofy in real life, he's not so dangerous! [Laughs] But he brings this weight and danger to Dyson. That's always there, and that's the thing that still appeals to Bo on a lot of different levels.

Any notable guest stars this season?

Yes! We had Linda Hamilton guest star.

Wow! What was that like?

I didn't get to work with her! She's related to Bo's storyline, but not directly.

Did you get to meet her?

I didn't. Because her days on set I wasn't there, or not at the same location she was. It just never really happened. But the crew said she was amazing. Really relaxed and really excited to be there. She knew the director of that episode really well.

Linda Hamilton seems like the perfect fit for a show about strong females...

She's the ultimate strong female. I hope she comes back!

What kind of character does she play?

She plays an incredibly powerful character. She plays the boss to another character on our show who is already very powerful. So she comes to town to deliver a message that is hard to ignore.

Last time we spoke I think you mentioned you were surprised by the number of fans the show has in Brazil...

There's Brazil, France, Germany. We have a lot of French fans, a lot in Latin America.

Why do you think that is?

I think that the show has such a broad appeal. You can't describe a "Lost Girl" fan. The audience is too broad. I get people who come up to me and say, 'My grandfather watches your show, my kids watch your show, we watch it as a family!' It kind of speaks volumes to the appeal. Globally I think that appeal translates.

The Lauren/Bo connection has been a particularly strong storyline for a lot of young women. They've responded to that. I'll get fan letters that say things like 'We're so happy to see ourselves represented on TV.' Well, one's not a doctor and a succubus, obviously! [Laughs] But it's a real relationship. It's truthful, it's honest. It's not put on for show. We try to honour it. I get letters sometimes that say 'Thanks for making me brave.' I love that. I love that people see Bo's struggle to be brave and strong. She doesn't just pull it off. There's a struggle there, and I think that's very universal and appealing.

Do you feel a responsibility to bring a level of truth and honesty to the relationship?

Definitely. Zoie and I do discuss things. If something doesn't quite feel organic, we try to make it work to the best of our ability. And that's on the radar of our producers, too. We want to honour that, because that's what makes it appealing.

So if something doesn't feel right, you have the opportunity to say hey, can we tweak this?

We do. We really do. It's a very collaborative work environment.

What's the strangest thing a fan has ever said to you?

I can't think of strangest, but I can think of sweetest! Zoie and I had a fan come up to us at a fan event crying and saying 'I came here to see you guys, it was because of you that I was able to come out to my mom.' We were pretty blown away by that. We could see her vibrating and shaking with so much emotion.

Wow, that's amazing. I would think on a fantasy show you would get some odd inquiries, too...

People come up to me and want to touch my hair to see if it's real. People have odd little questions like that.

So now I have to ask. Is your hair real?

Mostly! [Laughs] We do use some hairpieces on the show.

"Lost Girl" season 3 premieres on Showcase on January 6 at 10 p.m. EST in Canada and on SyFy in the US on January 14 at 10 p.m. EST.

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