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Calgary Man Caught On Tape Playing With Woman's Hair On C-Train, Police Now Looking For Suspect (VIDEO)

Calgary police are looking for a man who was caught on camera fondling and stroking the hair of an unsuspecting woman sitting in front of him on public transit.

Several people uploaded the video to the Calgary Police Service's Facebook page this week, asking that the police investigate.

The video was captured by someone sitting in the middle of the C-Train compartment, filming the man in front of him who is stroking the long, blonde hair of an unknowing woman. The video shows the man, who has short black hair and glasses, get off the train at the SAIT/ACAD station.

Police spokesman Kevin Brookwell told the Calgary Herald the incident is serious and that assault charges could be laid.

"You don't know the motivation of this individual. Is this part of an escalation of sexual assaults that may continue or increase?" he said. "It's very concerning to us."

Global Calgary reports that police, at this point, still don’t know if the video was a staged hoax, or legitimate incident. No complaints have come forward at this point.

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