01/04/2013 03:56 EST | Updated 03/06/2013 05:12 EST

Richard MacMillan, Stanley Cup Rioter, Sentenced

Flickr: Jason Hargrove
VANCOUVER - A Stanley Cup rioter who smashed windows at a downtown Vancouver business has been sentenced but he won’t spend any time behind bars.

Twenty-seven-year-old Richard MacMillan has been given a six-month conditional term that includes a curfew, counselling, and a ban on using drugs and alcohol.

He'll also be on probation for a year and must stay away from Starbucks outlets.

On the night of the riot in June of 2011, MacMillan smashed the windows of a Starbucks, saying later he wanted to show contempt for corporate greed.

The judge decided against jail time because MacMillan has a history of depression, mental illness, and drug abuse.

The judge says MacMillan has good prospects and has shown remorse. (News1130)

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