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Ujjal Dosanjh Tweets About India Gang Rape

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Members of India's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) take part in a candlelight march in Amritsar on December 30, 2012, after the cremation ceremony for a gangrape victim. The victim of a gang-rape and murder which triggered an outpouring of grief and anger across India was cremated at a private ceremony, hours after her body was flown home from Singapore. A student of 23-year-old, the focus of nationwide protests since she was brutally attacked on a bus in New Delhi two weeks ago, was cremated away from the public glare at the request of her traumatised parents. AFP PHOTO/NARINDER NANU (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)

Former B.C. premier and MP Ujjal Dosanjh sent a bold tweet in light of publicity over a gang rape in India and others like it, saying that if men are unable to control their penises, they should "have them removed."

His Twitter remark on Friday is to reaction to high-profile rape cases, Dosanjh said in an interview with The Huffington Post B.C.

"Obviously this issue is much broader and wider than the Indian case. Usually men blame women for the way they dress and I just wanted to put it succinctly to show the absurdity of the position," he said.

Dosanjh stated that he does not support forcible castration or the death penalty.

A 23-year-old student in Delhi died in hospital after being brutally raped on a bus last month. A male friend who was with her was beaten. Murder charges have been filed against five men.

The woman's death has brought international attention to the lack of protection for Indian women against daily sexual violence in the country. There have been protests in India and around the world since the student's attack.

It's common for women to be blamed for sexual assaults, which in turns means few report it to authorities. Those who do find police often do not take their cases seriously. Politicians and decision makers in India regularly suggest that women should not go out at night or wear "provocative" clothes.

“I think India needs to get back to its roots," said Dosanjh, pointing out that the country has a liberal history of erotic goddesses and temple worship before a culture of sexual repression brought by invasions more than 1,000 years ago.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story said that Ujjal Dosanjh pointed out "sexual repression brought by Muslims and colonialism." It has been updated to reflect the more precise meaning of his statement.

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