01/08/2013 08:53 EST | Updated 01/08/2013 09:35 EST

Eunice Wudrich Criminal Negligence Charges: 911 Call Made For Evander Daniels Played In Saskatoon Court


SASKATOON - A tape of the 911 call on the day a 22-month-old foster child was found face down in a bathtub with scald marks on his body was played in a Saskatoon court.

Eunice Wudrich is charged with criminal negligence causing death after leaving Evander Daniels alone in the bathroom on June 8, 2010.

The 911 call from Wudrich's Aberdeen-area home begins with Wudrich telling an operator that she thought her baby was dead.

While being given CPR instructions, she tells the operator that Daniels is bleeding out of his ears, mouth and nose.

Wudrich also describes seeing Daniels' skin coming off his body.

Daniels' birth father left the room multiple times and was visibly upset, while Wudrich cried in the prisoner's box and buried her face in tissues.

An RCMP sergeant who testified on Monday detailed the photos of Wudrich's home after Daniels died. The officer said what appeared to be skin was found on the bathroom floor, toilet and tub faucets.

During a taped police interview, court heard Wudrich say she put Daniels in two inches of lukewarm water, sitting up, before the phone rang.

She told police Daniels was not alone for more than five minutes and that the taps had been turned off.

Court heard Monday that Wudrich's home was approved for three foster children, but she was caring for five kids - all under four - plus her biological child at the time the boy died.

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