How To Speed Read: Yes, You Can Train Your Brain To Read Faster

We all have it: That pile of books on our nightstands, or that stack of magazines threatening to take over the coffee table — or even all those starred articles in our RSS feeds. Yes, we all have way too much material we want to consume, and not nearly enough time to do it in. So what's a 21st-century reader to do?

We propose something relatively simple for 2013: Learning how to speed read. Not only will it help you get through that stack, and likely help you skim emails and documents at work more efficiently. Some proponents even claim it can help you remember things better by accessing certain parts of the brain.

In this week's How To, the video above from Howcast shows learning to speed read is as easy as six steps you can start doing today. The first one is even something you probably already do without realizing it — latching onto headlines, sub-headlines and bolded words in order to get the gist of an article before even starting to read it.

Wondering how fast you read? Check out this, created by Staples (and discovered by HuffPost's Books editors).

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