#ReasonsILoveThe90s: Millennials Get Nostalgic For Their Childhood

For some, the 1990s feel as though they were mere minutes ago — a time when the Berlin Wall had just come crumbling down, Bill Clinton rocked the White House (and Arsenio Hall) and O.J. Simpson's trial was the most interesting court case anyone could watch.

But for the Millennial Generation (born between 1983 and the early 2000s), the 1990s feel like a long time ago, when things were worlds away from what they're like now. While no one's questioning time's have changed — uh, all of the knowledge of every encyclopedia in the palm of your hand, anyone? — when #ReasonsILoveThe90s starting trending on Twitter this morning, it showed how easy it is to fall into the "things were so much better then" trap, even for people just entering their twenties.

Between beloved TV shows and songs, a sense of privacy, and yes, nostalgia for when the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs, these tweets certainly make it seem like the '90s were quite the heyday — HuffPost Canada has already demonstrated there was plenty to love about the decade. But were things really that much better, or can most of this be chalked up to, well, being a kid during that time?

Take a look at a sampling of these tweets, and let us know your own memories in the comments below: