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Lea Michele Hits FOX's All-Star Party In Extra-Bright Yellow Ensemble (PHOTO)

Warning: you may want to don a pair of shades to see what Lea Michele is wearing below.

The 26-year-old 'Glee' Star hit FOX's annual All-Star Party Tuesday, fresh from her Hawaii vacation, in an ultra-sunny yellow skirt and jacket by Lisa Ho and a low-cut white top. The actress gets points for her classic Louboutins, but the hyper-vibrant colour, matchy-matchy style and girlish cut make this number a bit too sweet.

We're fans of Lea's often daring style (and her amazing beach body), but this outfit makes her look a little too much like her 'Glee' character Rachel before her makeover.

Do you love this look? Or is it a tad over-the-top? Tell us in the comments below.

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