01/09/2013 09:48 EST | Updated 01/10/2013 05:30 EST

Rogers Internet Outage: DNS, Cell Service Knocked Out In Southern Ontario, Atlantic Canada (TWITTER)


UPDATE: It appears service is starting to be restored in Ontario. Our Twitter followers tell us internet service is working again in parts of Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo and the Greater Toronto Area.

More from CP:

A number of Rogers customers in southern Ontario who lost access to their wireless data and home Internet services Wednesday night were all back online by early Thursday.

A company representative reached by telephone told The Canadian Press that "everything has been restored ... everything is up and running" but did not comment on the nature of the problem.

Rogers had earlier acknowledged the problem on its official Twitter account, saying it was working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Some customers in New Brunswick said their Rogers Internet services were down as well, although those outages weren't confirmed by the company.

While waiting for service to be restored, many customers took to social media to vent their frustration and the company was even trending on Twitter under the hashtag #rogers late Wednesday night.

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Rogers Internet Outage

"Internet is not working and #Rogers tech support lines aren't working .. nice ... how come their billing system never fails?" tweeted one man.

"A lot of productivity lost tonight from #Rogers outage. For the length of time, customers should see some compensation," said another.

Many affected by the outage had threatened to switch service providers, while others demanded compensation for the lost hours of online productivity. There were some, however, who saw the time offline as a welcome break.

"I got some reading in, played with the kitties, watched a DVD... almost sad my Internet came back on. #Rogers," tweeted one customer.

Rogers Communications (TSX:RCI.B) identifies itself as Canada's largest provider of wireless voice and data services and one of country's top providers of cable TV, high speed Internet and phone services.

From earlier..

It's been a rough Wednesday night for Rogers customers. Internet and cell phone service went down for many customers across southern Ontario. Some twitter users said the outage stretched as far as Atlantic Canada.

Rogers confirmed the service issues on Twitter:

Our readers tell us that service is down from Hamilton, Ont. to as far east as Sussex, Saint John and Fredericton in New Brunswick.

We spoke to a customer service agent who said lines downed by weather somewhere in the effected region may be to blame. He said crews are attending to the issue and service should be back within "the next few hours."

Switching to Google's public DNS may provide a work-around for those with home internet troubles. The DNS, or Domain Name System, is what translates URLs into IP addresses, thus bringing you cat memes or HuffPost Canada. Google has full instructions for making the switch.

As Canada's largest cell phone provider and second largest internet provider, there was a considerable number of peeved customers taking their frustrations out online: