01/10/2013 07:11 EST | Updated 03/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec's Smallest Baby Goes Home

Jewish General Hospital
After three months of waiting, one of the smallest babies ever born in Quebec went home yesterday.

When baby Amélia was born at the Jewish General Hospital in September, she weighed only 375 grams.

The doctors delivered Amélia early because her mother, Caroline Lefebvre, was suffering from severe hypertension.

Amélia wasn't growing in utero and was less than half the expected 900-950 grams for that age. With both the mother and daughter's lives in danger, doctors decided to deliver the baby at 26-weeks into the pregnancy.

Amélia's father, Arnaud Renard, said her birth was a stressful time. Many of Amélia's organs, including her brain, were underdeveloped.

"I said to myself she really wants to fight. I wasn't worried because I saw she was tough," he said

Premature babies are at risk for brain hemorrhaging, eye problems, respiratory problems and infections.

Despite her many obstacles, baby Amélia is now up to 4.5 pounds, partly thanks to a special protein diet she was fed by intravenous.

After a final scan of the baby yesterday, Dr. Apostolos Papageorgiou, chief of pediatrics and neonatology at the Jewish General Hospital said "everything is perfectly normal."

"I am very proud of her. She is my hero. She was very courageous," Lefebvre said.

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