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Asian Squat Toilets: 'Andy And Toto Show' Teaches Viewers How To Use A Non-Western Toilet (VIDEO)

Does your lack of knowledge on squat toilets have you down in the dumps?

Well then, you might want to pay attention to what the "Andy and Toto Show" has to say in the video above. After all, no one likes getting caught with their pants down, especially when visiting a foreign country and faced with a non-Western toilet. The video is part of a travel-adventure mini-series called "followthefoot" and is a project by Ian Bennett, a traveller documenting his adventures while in Asia, notes the website linked to the YouTube page.

In the video, Bennett enlists the help of Andy and Toto, two locals from Taiwan, to give a step-by-step primer on how to use the squat toilet, a toilet that's pretty much a hole in the ground. As Bennett puts it, "I've had to use some funky bathrooms while travelling — from outhouses in Mongolia to nasty, nasty bus stations."

As Andy and Toto later demonstrate, there are a few dos and many don'ts when it comes to using squat toilets. Highlights include: keeping your pants off the ground, getting low and keep your heel on the ground. Oh, and one more important thing: pack your own toilet paper. According to the video, toilet paper can be an uncommon find in squat toilets and travellers may have to make do with only one square of two-ply.

Granted, while squat toilets are common across Asia, they're just one type of surprise travellers can find in a washroom. On the other end of the toilet spectrum are washlets, the high-tech potties typically found in Japan. As the New York Daily News reports, washlets can clean users' bottoms with water jets, hot air dryers and feature pressure and temperature controls as well as ambient background music.

For more on what travellers need to know on squat toilets, check out the video above.

What do you think of the video's advice? Helpful or just crude? Let us know in the comment section below or via Twitter.

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