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Coke And Health: Coca-Cola Used To Treat Gastric Phytobezoars, Study Finds

Wait, is Coca-Cola helping our health? Well, if you got intestinal blockage, it might be time to open a bottle.

The sweet and fizzy soda is well known for its cute holiday commercials and ability to clean grease stains, toilet bowls and kill snails and slugs, according to

But researchers at Athens University Medical School and Laikon Hospital have now found that the pop can also be used as a treatment for gastric phytobezoars, which is a blockage in one's gastrointestinal system, often made of indigestible parts of fruits and vegetables. Not treating this condition can lead to bowel obstruction, according to

The study, that looked at 10 years of research from 24 papers and 46 patients, found that 19 patients who were prescribed Coke along with other medical procedures like lithotripsy (breaking hardened masses), had unclogged organs. Four of the patients needed further surgery, but researchers concluded Coca-Cola had a 91 per cent success rate.

Several studies have shown the negative side effects of drinking Coke and similar sugary drinks and have linked them to obesity, kidney problems and messing up the metabolism, according to Another recent study also found that sugary soft drinks are making us depressed, while coffee, on the other hand, seems to brighten our moods.

Will this be a 'healthier' year for Coke? Let us know in the comments below:

AND LOOK: Besides drinking it, Coke has so many other purposes. Here are 10 other unusual uses for Coke:

Strange Uses Of Coke

Prevent Asthma Attacks:

Well, this is not the same as curing asthma, but some reports have found that drinking two cans of Coke (it's all the caffeine, people), can slow down an asthma attack, according to Yahoo News.

Get Rid Of Rust And Grease:

Soaking small rusty or greasy items in a bowl of Coca-Cola will make them look brand new, according to

Get Rid Of Blood Stains:

Chances are you probably don't have to deal with a lot of these, but for those rare paper cuts, nose bleeds or accidents in the kitchen, just rub some Coke onto your clothes or carpets to get out the blood, according to

Heal Jellyfish Stings:

If you ever plan on scuba diving or snorkelling during a vacation, pack a can of Coke in your bag. It's been said that chemicals found in Coke can help neutralize painful stings.

Clean Your Windows:

Using a rag dipped in Coke, clean marks and dirt off windows and other types of glass, according to Oh, and you can also clean your windshields with it.

De-Skunk Yourselves:

We've all heard of tomato juice, but reportedly, you can also use Coca-Cola to get rid of the skunk stench, according to The best method? Use the fluid in a spray bottle, or if you're up for it, sit in a tub of the sweet stuff.

Marinate Your Steak:

In those summer months, Coke can also be a BBQ essential. Try mixing Coke, cider vinegar, chili sauce and molasses to create a sweet and spicy sauce for your steak. Try this recipe.

Clean Burnt Pans And Pots:

Kitchen experiment gone wrong? Pour one cup (or more, depending on the damage) of Coke into your pan and let it boil for 10 minutes. Next, rinse and scrub your pans and pots.

Secret (And Strange) Tonic For Your Lawn:

One writer claims his experimental lawn spray of beer, Coke, laundry detergent and mouthwash will make your lawn a little greener. Also, just imagine how much tastier it would be laying on your grass (at least the part tasting of beer and pop, of course).

Get Rid Of Gum From Hair:

Another home remedy, use Coke to get rid of sticky gum in your hair, according to This one might be good for kids — and an incentive for them to limit their fizzy pop.

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