01/11/2013 02:23 EST | Updated 03/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Common Thread: A Compendium Of The Week That Was In Style News

In the wonderful world of fashion, everyone -- and everything -- is connected. We're taking a look at who and what made waves in the past seven days, and weaving a common thread between them. From controversial magazine covers to missing Missonis, this is your one-stop style-story shop.

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1. Paulina Gretzky's Cover. When The Great One's female offspring popped up on the front of one of Canada's leading fashion magazines, the critics, well, criticized the publication's choice of featuring a seemingly unqualified cover/role model. This is Paulina Gretzky's second Flare cover (her first was when she was 15 -- she's now 24) but we're guessing she didn't cause this type of media frenzy -- or evoke this type of reaction -- the first time around.

Do you know what other pretty blond is finding herself the focus of media attention again?

2. Tory Burch And Her Money. In life there are many highs and many lows, but Tory Burch's life has been a virtual roller coaster... and it looks like it's not over just yet. After a long and very public process of suing and being counter-sued by her ex-husband and business partner, their legal issues have finally been settled and Tory is now $3.3 billion dollars richer. Then, not a day after her massive payout, her company got slapped with a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee. Questionable timing? Maybe.

Do you what else is surrounded by suspicious circumstances?

3. Vittorio Missoni's Disappearance. The heir apparent of the Missoni fashion empire has been missing since last Friday. He and four travelling companions (and two crew members) were flying back from a fishing trip off the coast of Venezuela when his plane disappeared. There are reports a body has been found in the ocean, but officials haven't made a statement -- there's also been some talk that this might be a kidnapping rather than a tragic accident. Still, it would seem, the show must go on. Missoni's menswear Fall/Winter 2013 show is scheduled for this coming Sunday and the family has decided to go ahead as planned.

Do you know what brands should have planned a little better?

4. Macy's, Sears, Amazon And Max Studio. All four of these clothing companies have been slapped with a hefty fine (US$1.26 million combined) from The U.S. Federal Trade Commission for labelling products as bamboo when they were really made with rayon. Bamboo has been heralded as a super "eco" fabric (bamboo is fast growing), while the process to create man-made rayon (which can actually be derived from bamboo but doesn't contain any of positive attributes associated with the fibre is known to be especially polluting.

Do you who else has mislabelled goods hanging in their closets?

5. Women Buy A Lot Of Knockoffs. A recent poll of over 2,000 women (conducted by discovered three quarters of those questioned have knowingly bought a knock-off Mulberry bag, Gucci loafers or pair of Channel sunglasses. While this is a relatively small survey, the results are kind of shocking seeing as buying counterfeit (anything) is illegal. The results also revealed many women feel pressure to be seen with a designer bag dangling from their shoulder, even when the logo says "Louis Vuitton".