01/14/2013 07:43 EST | Updated 01/15/2013 10:42 EST

Calgary Suspects Evading RCMP Hide On Top Of Toad 'N' Turtle Pub

In a plot twist seemingly pulled right from a cops-and-robbers comedy, two suspects wanted for several crimes in the Calgary area over the weekend, sought refuge from Mounties atop a neighbourhood bar.

Police tried pulling over a vehicle for speeding on Saturday morning and the suspects were allegedly involved in a hit and run and three robberies at businesses in northeast of Calgary later in the day, the Calgary Herald reported.

Airdrie RCMP were already in the lookout for the suspects after getting a heads-up from Calgary police, when they received several 911 calls of a vehicle matching the suspects' white GMC Sierra crashing on a QEII Hwy. off-ramp within the Airdrie city limits.

"Callers reported that a white GMC Sierra had lost control and crashed into a light standard," said RCMP Cpl. Darrin Turnbull.

"An officer was on scene in less than a minute, just in time to observe the two male occupants fleeing from the scene on foot towards the Kings Heights Shopping area on the East side of Airdrie."


Dumb Crime 2012

Construction workers in the vicinity watched as the two suspects fled police and tried to find refuge on the roof of the Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse and Grill, said Turnbull.

But the plan, which worked so well in Shawn of the Dead, didn't work so well for these Alberta suspects, as four hours after climbing on the roof, the pair was taken down by RCMP tactical and canine units.

The two suspects were arrested and handed over to the Calgary Police Service.