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Look Good When You're Sick: Tips To Look Beautiful When You Don't Feel Well


Sniffles, sore throats, and sneezes seem to have replaced the sequins, party hats, and presents of 2012. Many of you may be suffering from a cold or flu at the moment. Despite your best efforts (read: carrying antibacterial hand sanitizer, staying away from anyone looking remotely ill, and upping your vitamin C intake) chances are you’re going to feel a little under the weather at least once before winter is over. Don’t worry! Here are five ways to get you through a cold without losing a single bit of style.

Take a Pill

There’s no need to haul around entire bottles of vitamins and medicines, just pop a few of each into a clever handmade vintage ad-inspired pill box.

Kelly’s Magnets Pill Box, $10,

Have a Drink

Drink the ultimate cold and flu buster—ginger tea with honey and lemon—from a chic monogrammed mug. No one will ever know it’s not your regular morning coffee.

Monogram Mug, $8,

Snuggle Up

When it comes to keeping warm when you have a cold, nothing works better than a cozy over-sized thick-knit eternity scarf. The bigger the better!

Paula Bianco acrylic chunky knit wrap scarf, $108,

Soothe Yourself

Ease your aches and pains with a fashionable hot water bottle, or put one between your sheets before you go to bed for an extra cozy and relaxing night sleep that will have you feeling better in the morning.

Club Monaco wool-blend Carla Hot Water Bottle, $45 (USD),

Too sick to make it out to the mall? Not a problem! Grab your Snuggie and a bowl of soup and cue up your favourite fashion film for your style fix. We recommend 'The Devil Wears Prada' or the award-winning documentary 'Valentino the Last Emperor.'

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