01/14/2013 09:21 EST | Updated 03/16/2013 05:12 EDT

SIU sees no grounds for charges against Toronto officer

Ontario's police watchdog won't pursue charges against a Toronto police officer accused of beating a man in the entertainment district, as there are "no reasonable grounds" to do so.

Last week, the Special Investigations Unit reopened an investigation into a complaint from Tyrone Phillips, a man who alleges he was beaten unconscious when he was arrested outside a Toronto nightclub last summer.

The complaint was originally brought to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director in August, which subsequently turned the complaint over to the Toronto Police Service in September.

Police later referred that same complaint to the SIU, which is responsible for investigating deaths, serious injuries or allegations of sexual assault involving police.

The SIU then investigated, but eventually closed the complaint after the watchdog claimed it could not get a copy of Phillips' original complaint from police.

Toronto Police, however, said they were not able to release the document without the permission of the OIPRD.

But after Phillips requested and then obtained a copy of his original complaint directly from the OIPRD, the SIU reopened its investigation.

However, the SIU issued a news release on Monday quoting director Ian Scott that the original complaint did not provide any new leads to pursue in the investigation.

"Accordingly, I am now of the view that the investigation into this matter is complete," Scott said.

Scott also said "there are significant issues of fact" in the case, including whether it was a police officer or security guard who took Phillips to the ground when he was arrested.

"All in all, I am not satisfied on reasonable grounds that the subject officer caused the injuries in question, and if he did that the force used was excessive," Scott said in the release.