01/15/2013 18:51 EST | Updated 03/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Dumped B.C. MLA denies he has drinking problem

Former B.C. Liberal MLA John Slater, dumped by the party this week, says alcohol has not affected his job performance.

The Liberals refused to re-nominate Slater as a candidate in Boundary-Similkameen due to undefined “'personal issues” that affected his ability to do his job.

Slater acknowledges that some people in the party think he drank too much, but he denies it.

“You can ask anyone in the riding if they've ever seen that and the answer is no.”

Slater blames prescription drugs combined with seasonal antihistamines for making him appear woozy at times.

He admits he does drink, but insists it’s not an issue.

“Since when did the B.C. Liberal party ever turf an MLA for having one beer too many. And I did have an issue with some prescription drugs I was taking and my doctor worked on that.

Slater says he's frustrated and disappointed with the way he's been treated and will run as an independent in the May election.