01/15/2013 02:26 EST | Updated 03/17/2013 05:12 EDT

New Brunswick auditor general says release medicare payments to doctors

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's auditor general says the provincial government should release the details of compensation paid to doctors through medicare each year to provide greater accountability.

Kim MacPherson says the government already releases the list of its employees making over $60,000 and companies that make more than $25,000 from government contracts.

Speaking before the legislature's standing committees on public accounts and Crown corporations, she said the same thing should be done for doctors.

MacPherson says the Health Department has agreed to work with her office and the privacy commissioner to develop legislation and privacy requirements.

In December, MacPherson said 16 doctors received more than $1 million each from medicare last year, including an ophthalmologist who received over $1.6 million.