01/15/2013 09:45 EST | Updated 03/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Snow removal on Vancouver city council agenda

Vancouver city council is holding its first meeting of 2013 this morning and one item on the agenda is what happened with snow removal during a storm last month.

A snow storm on Dec. 19 created traffic chaos throughout the city, and some people complained the city cleared bike routes before transit routes.

Coun. George Affleck was one of those critics.

“I think we let the people of Vancouver down,” he told CBC News.

“I think I was on Broadway and I saw that they hadn’t cleared it all day — along a major transit route — and I didn’t see one snow plow … I didn’t see a plow go by there until 5 o’clock and I saw a lot of chaos.”

Affleck says the city has a snow removal plan but says it’s not detailed enough.

“It’s kind of vague, so I am asking we be more clear,” he said. “Is it bus lanes that are the priority and main transportation routes in the city, or is it bike lanes or other areas?”

Affleck wants to know if there are enough resources and staff members to handle storms the city knows about days in advance.