01/15/2013 04:23 EST | Updated 01/16/2013 12:51 EST

Waldorf Hotel Saved From Demolition For Now


Vancouver's Waldorf Hotel has been given a reprieve from any potential demolition as the city issued a protection order that will keep it standing for at least 120 days.

A Temporary Protection Order means that the city can complete a heritage assessment for the hotel and report back to council before May 15.

The order comes after supporters worried that the hotel, recently sold to the Solterra development company, could be demolished to build a condo complex.

Solterra CEO Gerry Nichele said last week that he had "no intention" of destroying the building, adding that he wanted to work with the city to figure out how to "retain and improve" the hotel.

An open letter was released by Waldorf Hotel operators to Nichele Tuesday evening warned that Solterra will be "carefully and rigorously scrutinized" at every step of its re-zoning process.

The Waldorf site's zoning doesn't permit residences, so it would currently be impossible to build condos on it. The city says a re-zoning would be "impossible" as it is currently completing a community plan.

The current hotel operators are expected to leave the site Jan. 20.

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