01/16/2013 11:20 EST | Updated 07/29/2014 04:59 EDT

Amy Poehler On Negativity: Star Doles Out Advice On Dealing With Negative People (VIDEO)

Fresh off her amazing job co-hosting the Golden Globes with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler's latest episode in her excellent "Ask Amy" YouTube series on The Smart Girls Channel is up, and this one focuses on negativity — and taking positivity more seriously than negativity.

Poehler says "negativity is something that people fight all the time," and that "sometimes what we need to do is to try and stop the tape of mean words that we say to ourselves first."

As for negative people who bring others down? "People who are negative tend to want to demean people's ideas. They say what they don't like, but they don't really say what they want to do."

One would imagine the woman who took on one of Hollywood's most potentially dangerous roles (right, Ricky Gervais?), while juggling a divorce from another beloved star would know something about contending with negativity. We're willing to listen!

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