01/16/2013 03:10 EST | Updated 01/16/2013 06:01 EST

#BCpoli Spam: Porn Floods Feed After Satirical Blog Link (TWITTER)


Twitter users keeping an eye on B.C. politics through #bcpoli sure got an eyeful Wednesday morning when the feed was flooded with porn spam.

Interspersed between highlights of the B.C. premier's news conference that day and Idle No More updates were an alarming number of messages from scantily clad women.

Communications consultant Marcella Munro quickly traced the likely reason for the spam: a link to a satirical blog titled "50 Shades of Orange: An erotic story of NDP passion" that was posted by B.C. Political Reports and tagged with "#50shadesofgray."

The subsequent spam has not impressed regular followers of #bcpoli.

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#bcpoli Spammed - January 2013

Munro noted of the "sophomoric" commentary: "I wonder if it's on purpose, so people stop following #bcpoli. Good way to screw up the conversation."

While BCNewsAddict tweeted simply, "Oh my poor eyes."

B.C. Political Reports is an anonymous blog which describes its organizers as "independent and have no party affiliation." Munro called for them to apologize for "pornifying" #bcpoli.