01/16/2013 14:21 EST | Updated 03/18/2013 05:12 EDT

Hudak 'concerned' about NDP, Liberal co-operation

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he's "very concerned" about the possibility of the Liberals and New Democrats working together to keep the government afloat.

"Ontario is heading in the wrong direction and there is nothing about a Liberal-NDP coalition that is going to put us on the right track," Hudak said when speaking with reporters in Toronto on Wednesday morning.

"We need to focus on jobs and getting our fiscal house in order. That's going to make things worse."

The Tory leader was alluding to recent comments from New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath, in which she expressed a willingness to work with the new Liberal leader who will succeed Premier Dalton McGuinty.

McGuinty announced he was stepping down as Liberal leader last October, but agreed to stay on until a new leader was chosen.

He also prorogued the house, leaving it up to the new leader to decide when business at Queen's Park will resume.

But Hudak said he is unconvinced that the Liberals will recall the legislature after selecting a new leader, reiterating his prior stance on the issue.

Six candidates are vying to take McGuinty’s place at the helm of the governing Liberals.

The incoming leader will inherit a party that sits just one seat short of a majority in the legislature, which leaves the Liberals in continued need of support from opposition members to hang onto power.